Nurturing Health, Empowering Lives

At Shishi International Limited, our commitment transcends traditional growth strategies. By investing in cutting-edge healthcare solutions, we not only build lasting value but also nurture the health of communities, empowering lives through innovative medical technologies.

Phototherapy Eye Shields

Our commitment to advancing neonatal care led to the development of locally designed and crafted phototherapy eye shields. Tailored for the delicate eyes of newborns, these shields play a crucial role during lifesaving phototherapy sessions. They not only shield the babies’ eyes from intense light but also eliminate the risk of infection associated with improvised eye coverings. Our designed eye shields prioritize both safety and comfort, ensuring a secure and hygienic environment for neonatal care.

Oxygen Splitters

Our ShiShi Oxylife splitters, designed and assembled in Uganda, enhance oxygen supply efficiency for neonatal care. Easily attachable to existing sources like cylinders or concentrators in hospitals, these splitters increase the capacity to supply oxygen to up to 5 babies simultaneously. With locally available materials, spare parts are readily accessible, and our dedicated team ensures seamless maintenance and repairs.

The KeySuite Project

The KeySuite, a groundbreaking gasless laparoscopic system, redefines surgical care for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Developed collaboratively with stakeholders from Duke University, the University of Maryland, and Makerere University in Uganda, KeySuite includes the KeyScope (maintenance-free laparoscope), KeyView (image viewing and storage software), KeyLoop Retractor (eliminating the need for carbon dioxide), and KeyStand (tower for assembly). ShiShi is the local manufacturing partner, that assembles and manufactures some parts of the KeySuite locally, utilizing materials from both Uganda and certified suppliers. This collaborative effort exemplifies accessible, innovative healthcare technology.